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Phone: 336-846-7469

Direct Email 1: Sales@SecondhandNewsOnline.com

Direct Email 2: Ads@SecondhandNewsOnline.com

Mailing Address: PO Box 979, West Jefferson, NC 28694

You may submit your classified ad here, on our "Place an Ad" page or just shoot us an email to: Ads@SecondhandNewsOnline.com.

Please see our Ad Pricing Policies to determine whether your ad is free or "paid" and how much it will cost or... just call our office at 336-846-7469. Credit cards accepted!

Your ad will appear on the internet as soon as possible after we receive it along with your payment.

If your ad requires payment, based on our Ad Pricing Policies, please call our office, 336-846-7469, for payment by credit or debit card (please have your card ready when you call).

We offer free internet photos to individuals wishing to sell a personal item. A business may run a copy of their logo online provided they are paying for the photo ad to be run in the printed paper ($25/2 weeks) and paying for a hyperlink ($1.50/week).

Would you like someone on our staff to contact you about business/display advertising? We have VERY REASONABLE rates! If so, please complete the form below and someone on our staff will contact you as soon as possible.

Thank you for using Secondhand News Plus!

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