Deadline for ALL Advertising is 5 pm Monday for the Current Issue

Secondhand News Plus has implemented the following classified ad policies. Please note the following, related to ‘free’ and ‘paid’ classifieds. Subject to change at any time. Pricing information contained on this page supercedes any such information contained in the printed version of Secondhand News Plus.

All prices are based on ads placed by the same party/individual. Business classifieds are $5.00 per ad per week (see definition of a business below). Paid classifieds for individuals are charged at the PER AD RATE of $3.50 per week or $12 for 4 weeks (unless otherwise indicated). PLEASE SEE our 'paid ad' criteria listed below.

Photo ads (classified ad description with color photo, listed within our classified columns), are $25 for 2 weeks.

Please note: Our free internet photo offer is available to individuals wishing to sell a personal item only and do not apply to businesses. A business may, however, run a copy of their logo online provided they are paying for a photo ad in the printed paper ($25/2 weeks) and paying for a hyperlink ($1.50/week) in their online ad.

Our classified deadline is 5 pm on Monday for the current week. Please submit your ad, with payment (if required) prior to that time. (See payment options below.) Otherwise, your ad will not run until the following week. Unpublished ads that remain unpaid after 14 days will be deleted from our records.

FYI, when submitting your ad online, it is only necessary to push the "submit" button one time. If you push it multiple times, we receive the ad multiple times.


Please be vigilant when using this or any similar publication or website. Know the person you are dealing with, never provide personal or banking information to a potential buyer, seller, landlord, renter or third party, never accept money orders or cashier checks as payment, and never, ever purchase something without seeing it first. For more info on potential scams and how to avoid them, or to file a complaint, visit:


•Drop a check or cash by our office at 101 N. Jefferson Ave, West Jefferson (across from Rosebud Bakery and next door to Cutter's Edge Hair Salon)

•Pay by credit/debit card over the phone (you will need to call our office, 336-846-7469. We do not offer online payment at this time.)

•Mail a check or money order (please do NOT mail cash) to: Secondhand News Plus, PO Box 979, West Jefferson, NC 28694. To insure proper credit, please be sure to write the phone number you are using on your classified ad in the memo section of your check

We DO NOT ISSUE REFUNDS if you sell your item before the allotted (paid for) time is up. For example, if you pay for a month and sell your item after 2 weeks, you will not be issued a refund. Any remaining funds will be credited to your account IF you call and let us know as soon as the item is sold so that we can make a note of it in our credit files. If your (paid for) classified ad is inadvertently omitted, we will be happy to run it the following week or issue a credit for future use, but again, you must call us.


•Unlimited weekly exposure on our website for the duration of your "paid for" time
•Exposure in our easy-to-read Secondhand News Plus printed version (estimated 15,000-PLUS readership), distributed primarily in Ashe, Wilkes, Watauga, and Alleghany counties

"PAID" CLASSIFIED ADS INCLUDE, but are not limited to:

"FREE" CLASSIFIED ADS INCLUDE, but are not limited to:

(Free ads will run a minimum of 4 weeks and may run longer, provided we have space available, at no charge. If you sell your item, please notify us right away so that we can take it out of the paper.)



Just visit our "Place an Ad" page here on our website, or... you may phone, email, (snail) mail or fax your ad (find information below), or drop it by our office— 101 N. Jefferson Ave. (across from Rosebud Bakery and next door to Cutter's Edge Hair Salon), West Jefferson, NC, open Monday-Friday, from 8:30 am-5 pm.


To cancel your classified ad, please call our office, 336-846-7469, or email: Make sure your email includes the phone number used in the classified ad.


BUSINESS DEFINED: A person or persons, partnership or corporation selling a product or providing a service (including housing) on an ongoing basis, for the purpose of making a profit, as opposed to John Doe selling his car, or Jane Doe selling a piece of furniture.

THE FINE PRINT: Secondhand News Plus publishers, reserve the right to limit the number of ads placed by a single party. Secondhand News Plus publishers, will not knowingly accept or publish advertising which is fraudulent or misleading in nature. Secondhand News Plus reserves the sole right to edit, revise or reject any and all advertising with or without cause being assigned. Secondhand News Plus assumes no financial responsibility for typographical errors in advertisements, but if at fault, will reprint the classified ad (or) that portion of the (display) ad in which the error appears.

PLEASE NOTE: As a Secondhand News Plus advertising customer, it is your responsibility to review your classified ad as soon as it is published (either on our website or in print), to ensure the information is correct. It is also your responsibility to notify us within 10 days of the ad's first appearance if a correction is needed (wrong price, wrong phone number, wrong/missing address, etc.) After that time, Secondhand News Plus assumes no financial responsibility for the ad, but will continue to make corrections when notified.

Mail your classified(s), with payment, if required, to:

Secondhand News Plus,
PO Box 979
West Jefferson, NC 28694

(Please be sure to write the telephone number used in your ad on your check to ensure proper credit).

Phone: 336-846-7469
Fax: 336-846-7569



For Display/Box ads, email